Design Your Own Sofa

There are nearly endless ways to modify what we offer, to create a sofa, chair, sectional, or loveseat that really fits your style, your body, and your space. These modifications include (photos are of actual modifications and completely custom creations designed by you)

  • increase or decrease seat depth for better back and leg supportBonzi change request illustration-1
  • increase or decrease seat height, altering legs, frame, or cushions for better posture and easy exit - this Oscar chair has 1" taller legs
2011-03 269 CR

  • custom lengths
  • custom depths
2012-05 075 (2)


  • contrast piping/using a different color or texture on the welting
2012-04 008 (2)-1

  • toss pillow style/size changes
  • back cushion height extended or decreased
2012-03 038 (2)
  • change the arm style, ie. Putting an Oscar arm on a Michaela sofa
unedited Fisher

  • changing seats to a single bench seat cushion
99330-72 bench cushion

  • altering the number of seat and back cushions from the standard offering
7pector sectional 06
  • attached or loose back cushions
  • change the firmness of back and/or seat cushions
  • tufted back
2011-04 001 CR

  • hard back height changed
  • his and hers - Momma Bear and Poppa Bear chairs!
Joe and Lisa Edgecomb

  • his and hers - sofa and chair in complementary features with different height legs
vaaried legs

  • shape change to back cushion, ie. rounded corners instead of square.
  • back cushions changed from box (two welts) to knife edge (one welt), or vice versa
  • adding buttons/nail heads added for style

  • skirt applied to non-skirt sofa style
99430-72SKT-3 CR

  • leg style changed (limited availability depending on the style)

  • applying fabric and leather collage designs (and custom leg finishes)
Collage Chesterfield

  • add a swivel base to a chair with legs (a skirt may be helpful to hide the round metal mechanism)
Oscar converted to swivel glider
  • using locking casters instead of legs, for easy moving/cleaning

  • applying C.O.M. (using the customer’s own material for a cover)

2012-05 006 (2)


  • adding a center leg for style and/or extra support
extra center leg

  • lower arms
piper loveseat front

  • create a sectional design from an existing sofa
IMG_5764_crop (2)

  • custom sectional to fit in tight spaces, modular connectors
Caldwell 004

(shown separately and together, swing-away connectors invisible when separate)

Caldwell 002 (2)


  • create an entirely new style based on the way an existing style fits you, then applying the looks of your favorite magazine photos, drawings, and other specifications!
IMG_2073 (2)



All designs shown are individually bench crafted in North Carolina for our store without chemical flame retardants or added formaldehyde. 


Contact us for more information - we'd love to hear from you.  Thanks!