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5/8/18 3:12 PM

What's a Chemical Free Sofa?



A Safer Sofa doesn't contain unnecessary chemicals like flame retardants and added urea formaldehyde.


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5/3/18 11:10 AM

How we build lasting value into our customizable smaller scale, non-toxic sofas

How are our Condo Sofas constructed?

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5/3/18 6:02 AM

Straight-up Advice for Downsizers

Small-space experts Ross and Christine Endicott candidly deliver their top five tips.

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5/3/18 5:47 AM

Consider Furniture Free of Flame Retardants

By Ross Endicott

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5/3/18 5:22 AM

Make the most of your first store visit!

Preparation to make the most of your visit to Endicott Home Furnishings:

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5/3/18 5:02 AM

Green Living - Get Off The Hot Seat

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4/24/18 5:50 PM

Healthy living without chemical flame retardants

Why we don't have couches with flame retardants in our home (and why you shouldn't, either!)


Mother's Day Sale

Chemical flame retardants have no business being in our household furniture.  They don't offer clear benefits to us as consumers, but they definitely bring the risk of many health issues including, but not limited to, cancer. 

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