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8/14/18 4:22 PM

Creative and affordable customization

At Endicott Home Furnishings, we often need to modify what factories offer.  Sometimes we request a sofa to be a different length to fill out a space or fit where a regular size wouldn't.  Many times it isn't due to the size, but the fit - the back height, seat height or seat depth (or maybe all three) might need to be different to offer good support.

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7/12/18 3:14 PM

Pros and Cons of Affordable Convertible Sleep Sofas


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6/12/18 8:42 AM

A Brief history of flame retardants in furniture

Update: Maine's legislature on August 2, 2017 passed the first comprehensive ban on chemical flame retardants sold in new furniture in the entire nation!

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6/12/18 8:28 AM

Endicott Home Furnishings is featured in Maine Home + Design Shop Talk

Excerpted from the magazine: 

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5/8/18 3:12 PM

What's a Chemical Free Sofa?



A Safer Sofa doesn't contain unnecessary chemicals like flame retardants and added urea formaldehyde.


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5/3/18 11:10 AM

How we build lasting value into our customizable smaller scale, non-toxic sofas

How are our Condo Sofas constructed?

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5/3/18 6:02 AM

Straight-up Advice for Downsizers

Small-space experts Ross and Christine Endicott candidly deliver their top five tips.

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5/3/18 5:47 AM

Consider Furniture Free of Flame Retardants

By Ross Endicott

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5/3/18 5:22 AM

Make the most of your first store visit!

Preparation to make the most of your visit to Endicott Home Furnishings:

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5/3/18 5:02 AM

Green Living - Get Off The Hot Seat

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